About the Firm

Located in the northern Bay Area in San Rafael, California, the firm offers a diverse but related range of legal services to clients throughout the local region. Our practice focus exists to meet our clients' needs, mainly in the local community. Over the years, clients have been satisfied with our professionalism, focus upon expedited resolutions where and when possible, and our philosophy of civility coupled with aggressive representation taking the client's needs into account. We value that clients entrust us to strive to provide the highest quality legal services and focus upon finding practical, workable solutions with prompt resolutions wherever and whenever possible. Our philosophy involves establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with our clients due to quality and care taken in representation.

Summary of Practice Areas

The firm represents clients in the following areas: Real estate and general litigation, property management counsel, homeowners associations and other common interest developments, money recovery/collections, landlord/tenant and evictions (unlawful detainer), and small business counsel.